“What are you doing?”

liquid water colours on diffusing paper

“What are you doing? was the question my lovely blunt friend asked. It caught me off guard because that day I was restoring a fireplace mantle and painting a room. All part of the mixed up wonderful life I live.
No, she wanted to know what Living in Colour is. What do you do as your business?

So I start to explain, well one part is the name of my studio and the work I do as a mixed media and textile artist and teaching some of those techniques in workshops to others. The other part is my Expressive Arts Coaching practice.

She wanted more explanation…. I have my official statement.
“Expressive Arts Coaching is the opportunity for personal growth and inspiration through the arts and powerful questioning. It accesses the creative right brain, whole body knowing and playing through the process, to discover new insights about ourselves.
Living in Colour provides a space and a structure to allow for self-determined change in our lives.”

What does that mean???!?! Well people can come to my studio and we talk for a bit about what they want, I listen past the words and ask them questions to get to the heart of what they are looking for. Then I find a question that I ask them to answer through art making. I have a studio full of markers, crayons, paint, modeling clays, tape, fabric, paper, old magazines, beads, buttons, wire….. I remind them that it is not about making a work of art but art that will work for them. After about 20 minutes I ask them to talk about the work. I ask more questions for them to dig deeper for meaning. I will often scribe some of the words and move to another form of art to explore what resonated with them during the process. It might be poetry, movement, symbols or voice.

We take that information and talk about what they know now from the process and create goals and practical steps towards meeting those outcomes.

So what am I doing? I am listening deeply, guiding people through a process that will help them focus on what they really want. I play with them to get them feeling free enough to create and access knowledge that might be locked up because they focus on what the outside world wants. I create a safe place for them to reconnect with themselves.

Again I don’t feel like I have done the process or myself justice in trying to explain.

I create one of a kind experiences and to understand it you really need to go through the process.
Come and play with me and I guarantee that you will have the “Oh I get it now” moment.

About livingincolourwithgrace

I am an Artist and Expressive Arts Life Coach. I create art and support others to do so for fun, self-discovery and healing. I love the beautiful and ridiculous and find it everywhere.
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3 Responses to “What are you doing?”

  1. lynn dwinell says:

    I saw your piece in “cloth,paper,sisscors ” “a walk in the August woods” and i wanted to tell you how much it inspired me. I am a weaver and it gave me such great ideas, now i know why i saved all those buttons and found objects. you are truly a gifted artist and i am grateful to have seen your work.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks Lynn, you are kind. I would love to see some of your work.

  3. Margaret says:

    I also saw the “walk in the woods” It totally blew my mind. I have never woven anything – never sewn – but when I saw this I was transported. I got books from the library, checked out some web sites and made a tiny hand loom from an old picture frame and push pins – went and got wool from thrift stores ( those of you with endless stashes of great wool must be smiling at my inexperience). I actually made a small piece of “art”. I live far away on Vancouver Island. I wish I could come to classes. But since I can’t , I’m going to follow your website and keep on experimenting and learning. Thank you for inspiring me to think about a whole new part of art.

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